Let’s set up our economic development projects for success.

One aim of Our Economy is to identify, support, and promote specific economic development projects across the region. These projects could include seeds of ideas or longstanding programs looking to expand. An important first step in supporting these projects is to gather them into one place. Creating a catalogue of projects serves several purposes. First, it helps technical assistance providers and funders to better understand projects planned or underway across the region. This increased awareness enables technical assistance providers and funders to identify where hurdles to implementation may exist and where their services might be beneficial. Second, it allows economic development partner to see each other’s work, identify potential areas for collaboration, and borrow good ideas. Third, many funders either request or require that applicants demonstrate how their project aligns with broader economic development activities.

Have a project that you think should be highlighted through Our Economy? You can use the form below to share basic information about a concept, a new initiative, or an ongoing program that could benefit from additional support. We’ll be in touch to learn more about your project as Our Economy continues to take shape.

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