Where we are today: current economic trends

A major aim of Our Economy is to build shared understanding about current economic trends. How has the economy of Southwest NH changed over time and what is its trajectory moving into the future? What are our economic assets and what are our most prominent challenges? Answering these questions will be important for establishing where we are today and charting a course for where we want to be in the future.

To help develop this shared understanding, Our Economy will entail a substantial research component that both examines available economic data and engages economic development stakeholders through interviews and small group discussion. Data and analysis will be published on an ongoing basis via the data page. Once the data collection is complete, the Our Economy project team will weave that information into an economic profile–a narrative that summarizes what we’ve learned. The economic profile won’t capture every aspect of the regional economy, but it will hopefully serve as an educational resource and discussion-starter for community members interested in helping Southwest NH thrive.

For more information about how the economic profile fits into the overall process of Our Economy, please visit the about page. If you’re interested in sharing your perspective on regional economic issues, you can contact the project team here.